Find your Heat Geek

Find one of our trained and certified installers.

What is a heat geek?

A Heat Geek is someone who has undergone our in-depth heating system design course. The installer themselves is the number one contributor to heating system efficiency, far more than the products selected. There is no other course like this available in our industry!

Whether you have a heat pump installation, gas or oil boiler, understanding emitter sizing, pipe sizing, hydraulic layout and principles is absolutely crucial to obtain the highest efficiencies. As a consumer, there is no way you can really ensure your selected engineer understands these. A certified Heat Geek will!

We have done this for you by giving the industry’s first course that isn’t ‘pay to pass’. IT IS VERY DIFFICULT, and rightly so. Persevering through this difficult course doesn't just give the design knowledge, but displays many other traits to give you peace of mind when dealing with your valuable and potentially very expensive project.
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