How to Save on Energy Costs This Winter

August 26, 2022

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These 6 videos could Massively Slash Fuel Bills!

And Could Cost You Nothing

Please share far and wide!  You could be really helping someone out this winter!

The first 'The Secret to Boiler Efficiency' is full of quick wins anyone can do for up to 15% saving.

boiler efficiency

Watch The Secret to Boiler Efficiency here

The second is more advanced to really refine your efficiency to its max! It's all about squeezing those last flow temperature drops down.
Maybe one for the more technically minded or Find a Heat Geek who knows all this! This could save up to 15%

maximise heating efficiency

Watch How To Maximise Your Heating Efficiency here

This next one is all about timing your heating, should I leave my heating constantly on, or time to come one as often as possible.
Savings possible here could be over 10%!

leave your heating on

Watch Is It Better To Leave The Heating On Here

So many people buy 'Smart Stats' without being aware of this ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL piece of information.

Up to 15% for a gas boiler.

smart thermostat

MUST watch before choosing a smart thermostat

A more advanced one. Should I 'zone' my heating system? Perhaps not?
This is geared toward Heat Pumps as the difference is slightly bigger, but ABSOLUTELY TRUE for gas boilers too.

dont zone your system

Check it out here, it will shock you! Up to 10% saving.

Lastly, do the above for a Heat Pump and you could increase efficiency by 250%!
It all works the same way. OR swap your boiler to a heat pump. Doing the above shows you if you’re ready for a heat pump without system upgrades. This COULD also save money on fuel bills.

If you've done the above, you should now know your 'system design temperature'.

This will tell you if installing a Heat Pump will save money on your fuel bills AND how much running a heat pump will likely cost by following the instructions in this video.

gas vs heat pumps

Watch Boilers vs Heat Pumps here

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