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What To Expect From Heat Geek

A preview of what to expect from Heat Geek.

What It Is, And How It Works

A quick introduction in to our online course to become a heating master. Covering solar thermal, heat pumps, commercial heating, renewables, hydraulic seperation, close coupled tees and all things heating!

Heating Mastery

A promo about Heat Geeks Heating Mastery course. Hydraulic separation, pipework layouts, maximising system efficiency and COP it’s all in there. Everything you need to know to be a master and move in to, or improve your commercial or heat pump installations.

Renewables Plant Room Tour, Tips And How It Works. Phase 1s

Phase 1 of a new renewable plant room we are installing. Lots of cool stuff, solar thermal, solar PV, Ground source heat pump, air source heat pump and McDonald water storage.

Renewables Plant Room Tour, Tips And How It Works. Phase 1s

Major Commercial Plant Room Mistake!

Closely Spaced Tee Tip

Quick video of how CCT’s work and why they probably don’t need upsizing.

You Wont Believe What This Combi Can Do! Viessmann 111 Boiler Review

We whacked this Viessmann 111 in our friend’s gym as a ‘temporary’ measure.. the results shocked us!

My Hydrogen Boiler! – How The Home Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boiler Works.

We wouldn’t be heating geeks if we didn’t live and breathe it! Interested in hydrogen boilers? See and understand how the Viessmann Vitovalor hydrogen fuel cell boiler works.

Shortcut To HEATING GENIUS! Mass Flow Rate

THE HOLY GRAIL OF HEATING. Mass flow rate. A MUST for all heating engineers!

Seperation Anxiety.

Another look at where not to use low loss headers (no we won’t let it go) and also that looks can be deceiving when it comes to heat loss. Keep it simple stupid. More on valve authority and opening characteristic here

We Always Thought Lockshield Valves Were The SAME!!? WHO KNEW!?

A short video to support our ultimate guide to balancing heating systems article. We show you what to look out for to save you a ton of time balancing heating systems!


A small difference in selection could make a huge difference when choosing a smart thermostat. This is the no 1 thing to be looking for before making your selection of smart stat. Tado vs nest smart thermostat vs hive thermostat.

Be INVOLVED In Heat Geek!!!

If you have any specific knowledge to share get involved and be part of something bigger while increasing your online presence!

Automatic Balancing TRVs – Are They Worth It?

Automatic balancing TRVs are essentially just pressured independent control valves. Thes most certainly have their uses, but that does not make them a panacea.

Close Coupled Tee Alternative.

This hydraulic separation technique to be used with avoids low loss headers and also other gumph required for underfloor heating. It’s not ideal due to space constraints but gives the overall theory. Understanding how to set this up is important. You want to balance the flow rate with the mixing valve fully open on max demand and adjust the bypass tee simultaneously with the pump speed until roughly Dt 20 (for gas boilers) is reached on the primary and Dt 7 aprox. on the secondary UFH side. You will also require a balancing valve on the flow to this circuit.

Why NOT To Use LOW LOSS HEADERS! The Low Loss Header Explained

Domestic heating seems to be finally coming out of the bronze age. With it however, and in a healthy contest to give the customers the best solution possible, we can fall foul to products being sold to us we just don’t need. Here’s some thoughts on why a low loss header is not going to improve your job if you don’t need one, probably… Recorded back in summer 2017- please see our website for updates and amendments!

Distortion.. The Solution!

I've been talking for a while about distortion in hydronic heating systems ( a made up term to describe real Life issue) and in all honesty with always known the answer . I just haven’t come across anyone who had implemented it yet! Domestically at least..
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