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  • Heat Geek is an open community of Heating Engineers focussed on the future of the industry
  • We have a loads of great, engaging content to explain the finer aspects of the trade
  • Level up your knowledge and be at the forefront of the industry

Empower yourself with training to unlock the highest efficiency systems

  • Our BPEC certified, award-winning training teaches the long lost art of heating mastery
  • Delivered digitally with a great community to support you in your learning
  • Proven to enable you to deliver the highest SCOP systems

Heat Pump installs without the hassle

  • A large and growing network of Heat Geeks, supporting each other to level up knowledge and share experience in Heat Pumps
  • Mobile apps and a device that give you access to sold jobs in your area
  • Set your own pricing, deliver installs and don't worry about any admin, MCS compliance or 1st-line customer support

The Process

Heat Geek is a network for qualified heating professionals (NVQ Level 2, G3 certificate) who want to do Heat Pump installs

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At Heat Geek, we have been on a mission to renew the heating industry for a long time. We believe that the installer is the most important piece of the puzzle to support the colossal energy transition we are about to go through. 

We’re not trying to buy your business

We’re don’t want you to cut your pricing in a “race to the bottom”. 

We never want you to work “for” us. 

We’re here to support you to grow your business, delight your customers and have a great time earning money doing the trade you love and not the crappy admin that currently goes alongside it.

We all know that selling can be a nightmare. Particularly with Heat Pumps, there is a huge amount of back and forth with customers, answering the same questions over and over again. Making sure the customer understands the differences between a Heat Pump job and a Combi-swap.

We take care of all of that for you. By empowering you with a digital partner portal, co-branded and embedded with your company information, you can send your customers to our web experience where they can start the design experience themselves. Embedded with Heat Geek content, it will also explain all the key concepts to the homeowner in a way only Heat Geek can.

If the customer has any other questions or concerns, they can reach out to us and we can answer any basic challenges they have.

Only when the customer is ready to proceed and has committed to (and paid for) a design consultation will you have to do anything.

Our system design training rightly focusses on the Hydronic system design at the heart of our heating systems. To get the best efficiency of this system, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a gas boiler or a heat pump. So by doing our training, you’ll level up with knowledge that you can use when working on Gas or Heat Pumps.

But the era of Gas is coming to an end. Our installs umbrella is designed to support you installing Heat Pumps whenever you get or want to work on a renewable job.

For trained Heat Geeks, one of the key benefits of our platform is that you don’t need to be MCS accredited to access it. We just need to check that your basic regs. are up to date, you have all the right insurances and your business is sound. Your Heat Geek training will help you to ensure that you meet the stringent quality and efficiency standards.

At Heat Geek, we believe the most important thing in the efficient installation of a heating system is the person holding the tools; you! That’s why we focus first and foremost on education content, peer to peer support and training.

That being said, we are using tech to supercharge the experience for you. By signing up, you’ll get;

  • The latest generation iPad Pro and case so you can carry it with you while you work
  • Our Jobs app, giving you access to all your work through Heat Geek in one place
  • Our Survey app, giving you Heat Loss, Water, Siting and Electrical survey tools in a simple flow, featuring a really cool LiDAR based room measurement tool that will save you a ton of time on every job.
  • Our Installs app that helps you to Install and commission systems with support.

You can also use the iPad to run other parts of your business, download other apps and use for your personal stuff!

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