Industry Leading Courses
for Heating Engineers
Industry Leading Courses
for Heating Engineers

Get the knowledge you need to be recognised as one of the best heating engineers in the world. Join our Heat Geek Community to navigate installation challenges with installers across the country. Increase your day rate and profits as you charge more for superior services that save customers money through top-notch installations.

See what you can learn with Heat Geek

  • Enlightenment

    This course explores the fundamentals of heat pumps, delves into the broader energy supply chain and provides a detailed understanding of how heat pumps work and the different types of systems you may encounter. 

    This course covers

    • Different sources of energy
    • How heat pumps work
    • Types of heat pumps
    • Positioning of heat pumps
    • Essential electrics
    • Plumbing and controls


    6 modules | 20 hours 

  • Awakening

    The first level to mastery, learning the underlying physics behind heating and re-understanding how heating truly works

    This course covers

    • Watt is energy?

    • Heat loss R-values, K-values, U-values

    • Mass flow rate

    • Velocity pipe sizing

    • Pipe sizing, Pressure loss, and pump sizing

    • Emitter sizing

    • Controls



    7 modules | 40 hours 

  • Mastery

    Mastery is the second half of an online training course focusing on heating design and controls in the heating industry.

    This course covers

    • Emitters Mastery

    • Controls Mastery

    • Hydraulic Separation

    • Buffers

    • Buffer Mastery

    • Efficient Hot Water Production



    6 modules | 40 hours 

  • Optimising

    The finer details of reaching the top efficiencies with heat pumps with cheat sheets, designed to get you to a top installer as quickly as possible.

    This course covers

    • Intro to Low Flow Temperature

    • Emitters and Insulation

    • Conversion Factors

    • Insulation

    • Insulation Types

    • Heat Pump Sizing



    6 modules | 20 hours 

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What you get

Heat Greek heat Pump training

In-depth training modules

Questions designed to use the information in real-world scenarios.

Industry leading Workbooks

Lifelong reference book for anything in heating design

Heat Geek Team Support

Unlimited peer to peer support

Access to unlimited support from other engineers for each phase of the course

Fully Online

Accessible at any time of the day so you can complete it around your work hours.

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Industry leading training

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