Code of Conduct

Heat Pump Installations

Heat Geek Code of Conduct

A list of criteria that installers must adhere to will ensure that we are all working to the same high standard and other engineers aren't letting down your good name. If these requirements are not met, you will be investigated (we will pay other heat geeks to make a site visit) with the potential to be struck off the map or to re-train and review.

Make Heating as low Temperature as possible

Always advise consumers of the benefits of low temperature heating and install the lowest temperatures system possible for the customers budget, making heat pump ready where possible if not installing a heat pump. Our site is full of articles on low temperature heating to send them and save you time. Namely: Benefits of Low Temperature Systems

Don't dissuade from saving carbon

Refrain from suggesting that customers “wait for hydrogen" if they are enquiring about Heat Pumps. If their budget does not cover the requirements of a heat pump system, then we should do our utmost to push towards lower temperature systems including cylinders within their budget range, as this benefits gas boilers too. Incorrectly talking a customer out of a heat pump (or attempting to) is strictly against our code of conduct.

Work should be neat

All pipework, cabling and insulation should be considered and neat. Neater and tidier systems are generally looked after better by owners and plumbers following along with any later work, as well as displaying pride in your trade.

Don't use plastic pipe (where possible)

Avoid the use of plastic pipe on heating pipework. This does not mean MLC. If it is absolutely essential to use, you must always advise customers of the pitfalls of the lower quality inherent with plastic piping r.e. bacteria, air ingress, and corrosion etc. We will provide a video to aid you in this discussion point.

Compensate Controls

Always install compensating controls. Except in extreme circumstances, or if the customer insists, however you should always inform them verbally and in a written format of the benefits, use our articles for this. Please note: A responsive load compensating control will have no experienced difference to an on off system. It will ONLY reduce cycling, increase comfort and reduce bills. Furthermore: All jobs should be pushed more to weather compensation than room influence. ON EVERY SINGLE JOB with low levels of room influence you should either;

- A) Show the customer how to adjust the weather compensation curve or
- B) Be prepared to adjust their curve by going back to the property or advising them over the phone. 

Be Polite

Always be polite to customers. NEVER show anger toward or shout at the customer, simply walk away or off the job if things get severe and approach legal advice if they owe you money. Not only is life too short but we're here to support you too! Professionalism at all times.


Practice good client communication. We expect a maximum delay time of 2 days. Being too busy is not an excuse to not call at all. Answer, or call the customer back to arrange time for a longer call or tell them you cannot accept the work, do not simply ignore them.

Practice water treatment

Water treatment using VDI2035 is preferred, if not, the full practice of annual inhibitor testing should be followed and recorded. We have an in depth video to guide to VDI 2035 here.

Guarantee your work

We require a 2-year warranty on all installations. As you are aware, the vast majority of errors show up on commissioning, and this is only materials you've installed or worked on.

Work responsibly

You must hold all relevant qualifications as well as any legal measures such as insurance for all the work you undertake.
Failure to comply with this will result in removal from the map and relevant Heat Geek tier. As map listings are free and customers don't pay to use it, we have no bias toward installer or homeowner if any complaints arise. Unlike other listing sites. For clarity both consumers and installers are customers outside of those services.
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