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Heat pumps have been around for a long time. They are designed to work in temperatures as low as -27°C. In the UK, a well designed system with a heat pump can absolutely work and maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. The crucial thing is that the system is designed for the home. Heat Geek is all about education, ensuring that all systems designed by our network of installers will keep you comfortable throughout the year, whatever the weather.
Most heat pump installs are covered by Permitted Development rights, and so won't need any extra planning. If you need a larger heat pump, live in a conservation area or listed building, you may need to apply for planning permission. We will let you know if we think this will be the case for your home.
Any installation must pass stringent noise assessment calculations. We will do these calculations on site with you and make sure we are within the permitted noise level for nearby windows. During normal running operation, you won't notice the noise. There are short periods when the heat pump can be noisier, for example when defrosting or making hot water. During these periods it will be around 50-60dB, about the same as an extractor fan.
Most of the heat pumps take up an area of about 1000 x 500mm. The height of the heat pump can vary depending on the required output. We will let you know what sized unit you need as soon as you start your journey. We'll also let you know where we think your Heat Pump can go.

After a design consultation, you'll work with your Heat Geek to determine the exact placement of the unit and we'll give you a snazzy Augmented Reality picture of it in place.
The up-front costs of a Heat Pump system will usually be more expensive than a comparable Gas boiler based system. 
However, part of the price is an upgrade of your heating system to operate incredibly efficiently. This, combined with the efficiency of a Heat Pump will enable you to save money on your energy bills. 
The average service life of a heat pump is around 20 years. Heat pumps need to be annually serviced much like your standard boiler in order to maintain your efficiencies and lifespan of the unit.
Heat pumps use electricity, combined with solar energy (in the air, ground, water) to heat your home.
The amount of carbon produced by the units themselves whilst running is 0. 
As the production of electricity on the UK grid is increasingly sourced from renewable sources, even the electricity you use to power the heat pump will become carbon neutral.

In short, getting a heat pump readies your home for a zero-carbon future.
The UK government offer support via the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). If you meet the requirements they provide you with a grant towards the cost of the installation. Which we will automatically process on your behalf. We'll also let you know if we think you're ineligible and help you fix that if possible.
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