Your Onboarding Journey
to the Upgrades Platform
Your Onboarding Journey
to the Upgrades Platform

To become verified or join our Upgrades Platform we test for three things:

Your Knowledge

Your knowledge of heating design and how you apply this on the job.

Your Work

How well your customers rate you and the work you’ve done.

Your Business

Checking you work for or run a successful stable business.

Benefits of Being Verified

  • Grow your brand by being the go-to installer for your area
  • Build trust and credibility with potential customers
  • Promote your business with our Heat Geek Verified marketing materials
  • Be ready to join the Upgrades Platform and grow your business

Heat Geek Upgrades Platform

  • Get access to sold jobs in your area
  • Use our digital tools to streamline your jobs
  • Set your own pricing, deliver upgrades and don’t worry about the admin
  • Provide your customers with an end-to-end digital experience

Steps to verification

Complete our courses

All of our Upgrades platform installers need to complete our award winning courses first. Check out our courses

Sign up

Join our demo to see what our apps and tools are all about and complete the Verification Form.

Pass our Checks

Book a site visit with one of our experienced Heat Geeks. Show them some of your work and talk through your design and installation decisions

Become Verified

We add you to our map as Verified and send you all of the information you need

Join the Platform

When there’s a customer in your area looking for an install, we’ll be in contact to see if you’d like to join our Platform

Start your journey today

and join a community of like minded engineers.

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