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Heat Pump Installations

Heat Pump Installations

Heat Geek Assured Heat Pump Installations

Any renewable installation can be a daunting risk and with so many horror stories out there customers can't be blamed. Heat geek was set up to combat exactly this, by educating both engineers and customers.

As well as all the information on Heatgeek.com we developed the 'Consumer Series’ on our youtube channel to help make them aware of what to watch out for when looking for a heat pump installation.

So even if you don't use the Heat Geek Assured service, please take the free advice from the Consumer Series which tells you exactly what to watch out for when getting a heat pump installed.


For engineers, on top of the YouTube channel and free advice on Heat Geek.com we developed the "Heating Mastery" course. With backing from the gov dept BEIS this course has become the most highly regarded heating system design training in the UK. Don't take our word for it, take a look here.

This has given us a pool of national installers trained to the highest levels in the UK ready to install your heat pump.

What makes Heat Geek Assured heat pump installations different?

We have personally vetted and trained our installers with the best system design training available. There is absolutely no other comparable training (see here). What's more, the training is fail-able, it's not pay to pass or A to D answers that's so rife within the heating industry ensuring they fully know their onions!

This has given us a national coverage of the best installers available, but these installers are also involved heavily in our ongoing peer to peer training within our ecosystem to ensure they know the very latest technology, methods and design practices available.  All the things you need to make sure your installation is not only working, but working to the maximum efficiency to suit your budget and exactly how efficient it will be BEFORE you go ahead.

Will A Heat Pump Work In Your Property?

Estimate Cost Guide

Air source heat pump installation costs:

System Size 3-8kW 8-14kW
Cost post BUS £5k discount £7-£9k £10-£12k
How to size your system

Note; If your system is undersized for a heat pump, add up to 20% for upgrades OR allow a budget to upgrade insulation instead. The engineer can check this for you however heres a cheat sheet for radiator sizing and pipe sizing to find out yourself.

Contact us now for a Heat Geek Assured Heat Pump Installation

Due to unprecedented demand, this service has been put on hold. Please use our Find a Heat Geek map to contact a Heat Geek installer directly. You can still use the Assured Scheme, but it must be done via the Heat Geek installer.

    If you have already contacted a Heat Geek Installer about a quotation, please provide their name:



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    Age Of Building

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    Property Type

    Additional info

    *The priority service will ensure a video call within 5 working days from one of the Heat Geek Assured directors Adam or Patrick (the guys in the videos). The call will be up to 1 hour where they will fully dissect and consult with you on your project. You will then receive a follow-up visit from a Verified, local Heat Geek installer, selected by your appointed director to take further details and check for on-site practicalities. The final design will then be looked over by your assigned director before the installer goes ahead. The priority service is an additional £300 plus VAT to be paid upfront. Please note this is non-refundable.

    Due to high demand, responses regarding your local Heat Geek can take time. The only way to guarantee* a Heat Geek and fast turn around, is through the Priority Service above. However, if we do not have an internally Verified Heat Geek that covers your area, or the local Heat Geek is unable to service your request due to high demand, we unfortunately won't be able accept your application or Priority Service request.
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