John Cassells

“I live in the west of Scotland, after a brief stint at university decided I needed a career with a more hands on approach to learning and working. Completed my apprenticeship and NVQ3 in domestic gas at Scottish Gas and after nearly 10 years with them in Service & Repair moved to work for Vaillant. I’ve been there for around 6 years and been the Lead Engineer for Scotland for the past few years. I’ve spent the largest portion of my career so far trying to improve my skills and knowledge through self-learning and exchanging ideas with other engineers in the same field. I’m passionate about energy efficiency and “green” technologies, and believe there is a great future in the heating industry in the UK so long as people have access to clear, verified information and in-depth training from basic science through to the most complex aspects of new technologies, and hope to be able to contribute towards some of the most commonly overlooked issues I see on a daily basis and help people grasp some of the fundamentals of the science involved in heating. “

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