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Heat Geek Assured gives you access to government grants and means you can offer your customers MCS installations. Not only that, it will also give you leads!

The difference with our scheme is that YOU are in charge. Most (if not all) other schemes require their back office, who has never been into the property to design the system, then you go in to work to their design.

As you've had industry-leading training, have been on-site, AND actually have practical experience, we trust you to do the design and also charge what YOU want, not what we want!


Here's How it Works

You get a lead from us, or go to your own lead
You do a site survey using our simple templates and cheat sheets
You tell us how much you want for materials and labour
We pay you £300 plus vat to do a heat loss survey (we complete the office end)
We pay your materials before the job
We pay labour once the project signed off
We issue our Heat Geek Assured guarantee to the customer

Because of our online presence, reputation and network of high-quality engineers as backup, you should be able to use Heat Geek Assured to add value to your offering as well as proving that you are not an average engineer and as such either charge more or win more quotes.

Take a look at how we offer Assured to customers and how they are vetted from an early stage here 

To sign up to Assured either email [email protected] OR Whatsapp 020 8088 8282 (preferred). Once the application pack has been filled and returned we will send you our survey forms and cheat sheet packs.


Take a look at this webinar where most questions are answered. Any questions not answered here email [email protected] OR ask on HGA Whatsapp 020 8088 8282

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